Understanding Slim v. Regular Sizing - Boy with hands in jogger pockets

Understanding Slim v. Regular Sizing

The overall fit of Starfish Kids is a more tailored fit, but we designed the slim sizing option for children that have smaller waists. Our founder experienced the need for slim sizing firsthand and heard it echoed when she spoke with and surveyed thousands of parents about the needs and wishes they had for their children’s clothing- so we’re so glad we can offer you both slim and regular fit in our Ultimate Joggers!

How do you know whether to choose slim or regular for your child? Here's a few ways:

  • Does your child always have to use the drawstrings on other brands of jogger pants and/or even need their pants waist rolled over to prevent falling down?  Then slim sizing is for you!
  • Or if you have a measuring tape handy, measure your child’s waist and please consult our size guide
  • If you don’t have a measuring tape handy or want to just grab some joggers before they sell out-- then we suggest thinking about slim sizing like this: our Size 4 slim is effectively a Size 3 regular waist with the pant length of a Size 4. 

We hope this was helpful and happy shopping!  If you still have questions you can contact us at hello@starfishkids.com.

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